PokerStars CAP hand histories added

PokerStars lately introduced the “CAP” tables for no limit Hold’em,
hence we started to datamine these tables, too.


Unfortunately there is currently no way to get the CAP hand histories only when you purchase the feed of daily updates , because we always include all hand histories.

But the CAP hand histories are saved to different files (called “CAP_xxxxxxxxx.txt”).
This way you can decide which hand histories you want to import into your database.


If you’re interested in a back log of CAP hand histories simply add a comment like “CAP hand histories only” or “no CAP hand histories” when you place your order for a bulk purchase .

PartyPoker Omaha added

You asked for it? Here it is :)

We are datamining the PartyPoker pot limit Omaha tables from now on.

PartyPoker is the third biggest poker room and there’s a lots of action at the cash game tables going.

Extract the week spots of your opponents and buy the hand histories for your favorite stake.