Work in progress :)

It’s almighty hot outside, but rest assured. Work is in progress.Work in progress

One of the bigger changes we released yet is the availability of
player specific hand histories.

Get all the latest hand histories of a specific game and stake for a given player.
Expose your biggest enemy and buy his hand histories

Something else we was working on in the past, but kept “beta” for a long time is the Live Tracking.
Live Tracking will bring fresh hand histories every 5-15 minutes
(depends on the poker room, game and stake).
Well, it took some time, but Live Tracking is available to all subscriptions now.

Summer time madness :)

pokerstarsIt’s about time for another update.

Small stakes subscriptions of a “shiny” and regular poker site
come at a huge discount.
The offer is valid for No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha hand histories.

Limited time only.

Take a look at our subscriptions to buy hand histories at great discounts.

PokerMarket – 20% off Videos and Ebooks

It’s time you get to know, a new poker startup.

Get the free “Crushing Online Poker” Video by “lnternet” and 5 EUR
to spend in their Marketplace just for signing up.

Once you are a user, you can use the full platform. Get those 100% (!) cashback deals. Or Buy and Sell tournament stakings.

You can even sell your own PokerVideos with a few clicks!

Use HHDealer’s exlusive code HHDEALER2015 to get 20% off videos and ebooks on the PokerMarket Marketplace. Simply enter the code at checkout. (Limited time only.)

Hope you enjoy!