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HHDealer is a premium service where you can buy Poker hand histories which you can import into your PokerTracker / HoldemManager database.

Winning Poker Network (WPN) Hand Histories

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) made a software update that broke the datamining in May 2019. I am happy to announce that the WPN datamining has been restored on 24th of Febuary 2020.Hands between May 2019 and Febuary 24th 2020 are lost, but you can buy subscriptions to daily updates, and tailored packages in our

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Cyber Monday Discounts + Private Datamining

Our Cyber-Monday discounts have offically started. This means:75% discount on bulk offers (cash games and player specific hands).30% discount on cash game subscriptions.50% discount on SNG/MTT hand histories (bulk and subscription). Enter “blackfriday” as comment in the last step of the order-process on the website to redeem that offer.The discount is valid the next 48

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Lower Prices On SNG/MTT Hand Histories & More

Two months have passed since we added Sit&Go (SNG) and Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT). There have been a lot of smaller changes, but here’s some of the greater changes we released today: Bulk Hand Histories for SNG and MTT hand histories are available now. Select a specific amount (or time frame) of hand histories and you will receive

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Bitcoin Accepted / Discount Included!

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008.  Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency, and the largest of its kind in terms of total market value. It offers fast and worldwide peer-to-peer payments with low processing fees. That’s why we decided to offer an

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Spin&Go Hand Histories available for purchase!

We are proud to announce the availability of Spin&Go hand histories. Don’t rely on your own statistics when playing Spin&Go tournaments. We will extended the knowledge about your competitors and bring you a huge benefit. Visit our subscriptions page to buy hand histories now. Thanks, and good luck at the tables!

Work in progress :)

It’s almighty hot outside, but rest assured. Work is in progress. One of the bigger changes we released yet is the availability ofplayer specific hand histories. Get all the latest hand histories of a specific game and stake for a given player.Expose your biggest enemy and buy his hand histories Something else we was working

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