Lower Prices On SNG/MTT Hand Histories & More

Lower Prices On SNG/MTT Hand Histories & More

Two months have passed since we added Sit&Go (SNG) and Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT). There have been a lot of smaller changes, but here’s some of the greater changes we released today:

  1. Bulk Hand Histories for SNG and MTT hand histories are available now. 
    Select a specific amount (or time frame) of hand histories and you will receive a download link for all the requested hand histories within minutes to your mailbox.
    That’s handy if you don’t have many hand histories in your database.
    This way you can come up with a huge database on the fly.
  2. We started to group most of the tournaments. We used to have seperate entries for e.g. “Big $22, $8k Gtd”, “Big $22, $12k Gtd”, “Big $22, $15k Gtd”… All such tournaments are now simply available as “Big $22”, “Hot $X”, “Bigger $X”… And “yes”, this means more hand histories for the same price. Well, wait. That’s not true. We actually even lowered the prices due to the fact that we received more signups than expected when we did our initial cost/income analysis. 

Don’t hesitate. Feel free to take a closer look at our SNG/MTT section 🙂


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Skype ID is hhDealer