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Know your opponent

Poker is a game of imperfect information.
Thus the more information you have, the higher your advantage will be.
When it comes to online poker you play against thousands of different opponents.
Our hand histories will give you knowledge about any of them!

Be ahead of the competition

Every serious poker player uses a database application like HoldemManager and PokerTracker to analyze his own play.
Move ahead, it is impossible to memorize each of your opponents weakness.
Hence a PokerTracker or HoldemManager database is used to memorize every aspect of your opponents play, too!

Find the weak opponents

One key aspect of poker is:
You don't need to be the best player in the world to make money with it. Just find a player that's worse than you.
You can't find the best tables, if you don't have up to date statistics of your opponents.
Never have these problems again with hhDealer.

Maximize the use of applications like the HoldemManager Table Scanner.
A proper table selection can make the difference between a winning and losing player.
Spot the weak players, and avoid the good ones.

Utilize our hand histories everywhere

Online poker today is tough and you need to utilize every possible edge to maximize your winnings.
Applications like Note Caddy can extract significant behaviors of your opponents.
Stop playing tough spots against unknowns and start exploiting their weaknesses.

Bottom line is, it's a piece of cake for modern database applications like HoldemManager and PokerTracker and their appropriate add on applications to look through millions of hands and analyze your opponents play.

Don't fall behind

Sometimes your opponents probably seem to be consistently better of you.
They call, fold, raise, three bet... at all of the right times.
Don't waste multiple buy-ins to figure out how to beat them.
Don't miss an opportunity, fight back with hand histories and analyze the hundreds of thousands of hands they've played to find their weakness.

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Supported Pokerrooms:
Americas Cardroom / WPN
- New Jersey / Michigan
- Canada / Ontario
- Spain France Portugal
- Italy
- India
Chico Poker Network
iPoker network
Winning Poker Network

Supported Databases:
PokerTracker 2/3/4
HoldemManager 2/3
PokerStrategy Elephant

Supported Games:
  • Texas Hold'em (no limit & fixed limit)
  • Omaha (pot limit)