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Supported Pokerrooms:
iPoker network
Americas Cardroom / WPN
- New Jersey / Michigan
- Canada / Ontario
- Spain France Portugal
- Italy
- India
Chico Poker Network
Winning Poker (WPN)

Supported Databases:
PokerTracker 2/3/4
HoldemManager 2/3
PokerStrategy Elephant

Supported Games:
  • Texas Hold'em (no limit & fixed limit)
  • Omaha (pot limit)


What do we offer?

We offer online Poker handhistories which can be imported into e.g. PokerTracker 2/3/4, HoldemManager, and PokerOffice.
We are datamining the iPoker network, PartyPoker, PokerStars, Ongame and FullTiltPoker,, Microgaming (Ladbrokes, Unibet) etc. Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha cash games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How much does our service cost?

If you are interessted in a specific stake and amount of hands please refer to the following page: Bulk purchase

If you are interessted in receiving handhistories for a specific stake for a whole month see the following page: Monthly purchase

Is the "monthly purchase" a standing order?

No, there is no recurring or hidden fee.
You pay upfront to receive daily handhistories via email for a period of 30 days.
When this period is over, you will get a reminding email about the next month.
Then you can order (and pay) for another month, if you like.

Do I receive all the latest hands at the "bulk purchase"?

Yes, you receive all the latest hands at the Bulk purchase.

How do you receive the handhistories?

You will receive the handhistories as zip-files via email.
Please watch out that our emails are not being taken into your spamfolder.

Besides the emails you can grab your handhistories via our client software.
Two simple clicks and the handhistories will be downloaded and unzipped into your autoimport folder.

At what time will u receive the daily handhistories?

Daily handhistories are sent between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM GMT+1.

How to import the handhistories into a database?

The easiest way to import the files is this:
1) Open the windows explorer
2) Create a new folder like "C:\datamining"
3) Click the links in our emails and save the files to "C:\datamining"
4) Extract all downloaded files.
Right click a file and choose "extract here" (or similar).
5) Open your database application, and add "C:\datamining" (and subdirectories) as auto-import location
6) Run the autoimport

I can not extract the zip files?

Our files are tested with WinRar 4.20.
It has been reported that other zip applications may fail to extract the files.
Thus we suggest you to use WinRar from
Direct download:
It is freeware as long as you can live with an annoying popup on startup.